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1 1-Ecolsierra Export
"Ecolsierra Export S.A.S is an alternative to the internationalization of small producers in   Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta — Colombia"     operates under fair trade practices to bring benefits to small producers. It is located in the city of Santa Marta Colombia, close to the Port Society of Santa Marta which allows a skilful logistics office and allows it to be more competitive with exporters who provide their services to other coffee regions in Colombia. 
2 2-Red Ecolsierra
The network of organic producers from the Sierra Nevada mountain of Santa Marta - “Red Ecolsierra” - is a non-profit association that fosters the integral sustainable development of the associated producers and their families by means of organic agricultural systems, with qualified and committed staff that acts according to the values and principles of the organization, thus obtaining high quality innocuous products and being competitive in fair trade at national and international markets.
3 3-CafeTima
    Tima Coffee is an organic coffee with unique characteristics from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. Its cup profile has medium acidity, medium-high body and very sweet and chocolaty notes.     It is certified both Fairtrade and organic, which guarantees that in each sip of Tima Coffee you will find an excellent brew free of chemicals or artificial inputs that might alter its body or aroma. This makes it the best coffee of the Sierra Nevada. Tima Coffee is the fruit of the labour of a community of...