Tima Coffee is a 100% organic certified product produced on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain of Santa Marta. We harvest only selected mature beans and comply with the strict process of quality and supervision based on the norms of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation. It is certified both Fairtrade and organic, which guarantees that in each sip of Tima Coffee you will find an excellent brew free of chemicals or artificial inputs that might alter its body or aroma. This makes it the best coffee of the Sierra Nevada. Tima Coffee is the fruit of the labour of a community of 440 families associated to network of organic producers from the Sierra Nevada mountain of Santa Marta - “Red Ecolsierra”. Red Ecolsierra unites farmers and indigenous people to produce one of the organic coffees of highest quality in the world. Its green coffee is commercialized in national and international markets.



Tima Coffee, with its excellence, freshness, smoothness and high quality is delivered to you roasted and ground in a professional way.